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In October 2017 PokerStars were advertising their wares on the small screen. The Advertising Standards Authority has now banned the advert because it breached because it breached two BCAP codes!

Part of the commercial heard a voiceover saying

Here you are, the moment when bluffing is the only way to win, you’re freaking out kiddo, but think about all those times you bluffed yourself. Like the pull-up bar waiting for you to get back in-shape that book you’re definitely going to read, your parents never ever had sex. Use that talent because if you can bluff yourself, you can bluff anyone. Pokerstars, you’re already a great poker player.

This lead to one complaint and the complainant felt that the advert suggested that inexperienced players could excel at the game and make large winnings.

The ASA then picked up on the fact that the advert also portrayed gaming in the context of recklessness.

Stars Interactive Ltd Defend Pokerstars Advert

Pokerstars felt that the advert was designed to portray a small, relaxed environment for a game of poker. No money was shown in the advert and no suggestion of financial reward was made.

The continued to defend the format of the advert and even told of how Clearcast were happy with the commercial.

You can read the full defense and ruling here.

BCAP Codes Breached By Pokerstars Advert

Whilst the ASA took everything into consideration before making their ruling, both parts of the complaint were upheld as they breached the following BCAP Codes:

BCAP 17.3.1
portray, condone or encourage gambling behaviour that is socially irresponsible or could lead to financial, social or emotional harm

BCAP 17.3.8
portray gambling in a context of toughness or link it to resilience or recklessness

BCAP 17.4.4
exploit the susceptibilities, aspirations, credulity, inexperience or lack of knowledge of under-18s or other vulnerable persons