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Barbados Bingo was a brand that we first heard of back in October of this year [read more here] but like many sites that reported to be coming soon to the 15 Network, it’s not ready for launch yet.

However, where other sites that we have heard of recently from Jumpman Gaming (Fruity Bingo, Lala Land Bingo and many more) are just names, Barbados Bingo actually has a social media presence.

Barbados Bingo Facebook Page

We stumbled upon the Facebook page for this site completely by chance and in doing so, got a sneaky peak at the design that we can expect when it does launch.

Blue seas, blue sky, a pontoon and a lifeguard station all help set the scene for what we’ve like to believe is going to be a relaxing, and fruitful, gaming experience.

This is what their Facebook page has to offer.

Barbados Bingo - Facebook

We aren’t expecting a quick launch for this site but with the movement on Facebook towards the end of November, it could be that the Barbados Bingo will be here sooner rather than later.

Previous Incarnation Of Barbados Bingo

Now if you are veterans in the world of online bingo like us, you may also recall the name Barbados Bingo from elsewhere.

This was the name of one of the rooms offered on the Beast Gaming (White Hat Gaming) sites like Mainstage Bingo.

Could it be then that the soon to launch brand is hoping that members of those sites that now no longer offer bingo are hoping to cash in? Bingo was removed from the sites in August of this year, the domains registered in July – probably around the time people were being informed that they were ceasing bingo operations.