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As regular readers will know, we often take a scout around YouTube to see if we can anything bingo related. Of late this has mostly consisted of inappropriate videos of Asian women for some reason! However, we stumbled upon one recently that was about Rink Bingo and we were intrigued.

When you think of the word rink, you usually think ice rink and that’s exactly where this game is set.

Ice Hockey Rink Bingo

According to the video, a Swiss ice hockey team were doing well in the league but the points were not making pounds.

Davos is the team and they are the most successful Swiss ice hockey team with 31 championship titles. In an effort to generate more income and sell more merchandised, they replaced the sponsorship boards on the rink.

The plan was to get the fans interacting with the game. The idea focused on the fact that during the match, players crash into the sides in a variety of different scenarios. They are often pushed or joustled by the other team.

The panels of the rink were turned into bingo fields and each time a player crashed into a barrier, it would activate the number which would appear on the stadium cube at the rink, and on a supporters smartphone.

The team didn’t lose the panel sponsors, they simply equipped them with sensors. Fans could download the app and play live and in real time whilst the match was being played.

Winners received vouchers for merchandise or two for one offers at the bar thus increasing the traffic to both the shop and the bar.

Playing Rink Bingo

Watch the concept by clicking the image below.

Do you think it’s something that would catch on, or are we going to see a new brand of online bingo site launch in the not too distant future with the name Rink Bingo?