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The Royal Room is the standalone room that’s only available to players at Bid Bingo, Bingo Zino and Chit Chat Bingo and there’s plenty happening in this unique playing arena.

On November 15th there is a Stocking Filler Party happening between 7pm and 11pm with an array of prizes, chat games and even Amazon vouchers to be won. All of the chat games in the party are going to pay out at least 1,000 loyalty points and with an exchange rate of 1,000 for £1 bonus funds, plenty of bonuses up for grabs!

Special Chat Games In The Royal Room

In the four hour session, three hours will be dedicated to chat room games and these are split into three different games:

From 7pm until 8pm you will be playing Christmas Mate. In this game you need to give the host your Christmas Mate number between 1 and 90. This will be yours for the hour. When your number is called in the bingo game, be one of the first three players to type XMAS MATES in the chat room, along with your number, and you will win the points.

From 8pm until 9pm the game changes to Wacky Christmas. All players wishing to participate have to give the host a reversible number. i.e. 24 / 42 or 56 / 65. When both numbers have been called, type WACKY CHRISTMAS in chat to win the points.

From 9pm until 10pm the game will be Christmas Bingo. Watch out for the numbes 25, 12 and 17 (25/12/2017) and when they have all been called type XMAS in chat to win the points.

Prizes Galore In The Royal Room

At 10pm there will be a game playing and the full house winner will not only take home the cash prize shown in the room, but also a £50 Amazon voucher.

For the final hour, there’s a 5p session and each full house winner in that hour will also get a £10 Amazon voucher!

There’s a right royal welcome awaiting you in the Royal Room!