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We would imagine that when you take a position at your local Mecca Bingo club you wouldn’t liken yourself to one of the Emergency Services and therefore would not expect either physical or verbal abuse.

One member of staff at the Mecca Bingo club in Norwich suffered just that at the hands of a disgruntled player on 18th August this year.

Frustration At Mecca Bingo

The defendant was a Geraldine Dalton who is 44 and following a recent court hearing, she was ordered to pay the person she slapped a £100. She also had to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge and is also banned from all Mecca Bingo clubs in the UK.

Dalton had been asked to leave the venue because she was being abusive to other patrons. She was allowed to wait for a taxi in the foyer but was told at this point that she was banned from the venue, she became ‘frustrated’ and slapped the worker in the face.

The Mecca Bingo employee that was assaulted suffers from tinnitus, and has since began to have enhanced ringing in her ears.

Indefensible Actions

Whilst the actions of the defendant were not acceptable, someone had to try and defend the indenfensible and that was left to Natasha Baker, mitigating for Dalton.

Dalton admitted the offense, it was caught on CCTV but said that she was annoyed that it was she that had been asked to leave at not another customer who had been abusive to her in the first instance.

Dalton had been whispering to a friend when a woman behind became abusive. She has then told that woman not to talk to her in that way before turning back to her friend.

Physical violence is clearly not the answer as a 12 month conditional discharge and the fines prove!