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When it comes to online bingo, one of our favourites sites is tombola but we have to be honest, their advertising is really dull.

We get that tombola, of all the brands on the Internet today, is probably the most understated when it comes to design. It’s the least gaudy, the most honest and the one offering the best playability, BUT we’d like to see a return to the sort of advertising we saw when they first marketed their wares on TV.

We understand that the commercials for tombola are classy and trying to show the ‘community’ and player friendly approach that they have, but they don’t do the brand justice and aren’t hard hitting enough in our humble opinion.

Bingo Or Dating Tombola?

We’ve heard over the years that the tombola adverts are often mistake for some sort of dating app and it’s easy to see why.

It’s a shame they aren’t doing more of what they did in the beginning, or are doing in other countries any more but we wonder, is this because they had a few slaps on the wrist by the Advertising Standards Authority.

We’ve said it many times; the most memorable of the commercials from this brand was the one the featured Marisol singing Tombola and all the bingo balls riding around a funfair.

Award Winning Tombola

The site is one that has one multiple awards, and just a few weeks ago got heavily involved in Responsible Gambling Week.

It’s one that is well known for its innovation and player led gaming experience, we just want to see some more fun injected into the adverts that we see on the small screen!