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Each month we will cover stories of new bingo sites opening to players, or provide details of a new site we have heard rumoured to be coming soon but for the most part, we don’t really have to report on the closure of any sites.

A recent check at the UK Gambling Commission revealed that two names have been removed from the list of sites under the 888 reference 39028.

The two sites were both on the Dragonfish network and had been around quite some time, so well established names even if they weren’t very well known.

Calling Time Rather Than House On Dragonfish Sites

The two brands were Bingo House and Bingo Time and from what we can gather, it was back in May that Bingo Time closed its doors to players but only a couple of weeks ago for Bingo House.

As for when both sites were launched, we don’t have exact dates but can tell you that both have been around nearly as long as we have and that’s well over ten years.

A Loss?

The sad thing about the closures is that whilst the regulars at the two sites were probably a little sad to see them go, they have already been replaced.

Players are so spoiled for choice in today’s market, not just with Dragonfish brands but a whole plethora of other sites that finding a new home for your bingo play is far from difficult.

No one is likely to mourn the loss of either brand and whilst we’ve lost two Dragonfish brands from the portfolio of sites on the Internet that offer bingo, in a blink of an eye two more will have opened to replace them.