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News broke on Saturday that the person inside the Foxy Bingo suit is set to be revealed in a new round of advertising for the brand. When we first this, it sounded like a fun idea, but then we found out who is going to be in the fox suit….

Heather Graham, an AMERICAN actress, will be seen as the person who has been donning the purple Paul Smith suit for over a decade! Or is it? Could this just be part of a publicity stunt by Foxy Bingo?

Foxy Bingo And Heather Graham – No Player Connection

It would be wrong on so many levels if it really is Heather Graham that is going to be stepping out of the suit. Foxy Bingo has always been a Northern gent, not some blonde-haired, blue-eyed American woman.

Whilst the mystery of the Stig caused quite a bit of controversy, is the identity of the person in the Foxy Bingo suit going to create as much interest in the non-bingo playing community?

Foxy Bingo - Heather Graham

Bye, Bye Jeremy Kyle

Could it be that Foxy Bingo feels that their current clientele are too ‘Jeremy Kyle’ and are looking to attract a newer, better class of clientele? The news is that they are also dropping their sponsorship of the popular day time TV chat show!

Adele Lawton, the head of bingo at GVC Holdings said

Our partnership with Heather Graham is the largest phase of a £10 million brand re-vamp and marketing campaign which will bring Foxy to a new generation of players.

Maybe she meant to say class rather than generation.

She went on

Heather is the embodiment of our mantra: ‘Random, Fun’ and today’s announcement marks a new era for Foxy Bingo and Casino.

Personally, I think that this revelation is further going to ostracise players who are already feeling like the site has gone to the dogs since it was taken over by first and then GVC Holdings.

Maybe that’s the overall aim; after all, they have dropped all of their affiliates, why not the lower class player that they clearly believe they have outgrown. It’s clear the brand are slowly but surely forgetting their roots!