Ed Sheeran to Launch Record LabelFive years ago Ed Sheeran was busking on the London Underground and sleeping on friend’s sofas as he pursued a dream of becoming a musician and today that hard work has paid off as he’s now one of the biggest stars in the world. Now, he’s looking for the next Ed Sheeran.

Ed, while performing on a global tour at the moment, announced that he would be starting his own record label – which is brilliantly named Gingerbread – in a quest “to bring new music to the masses.”

He said in an interview between shows on his current Australian tour that he had “thought about it after taking Passenger on tour with me for two years.

“I took him into my record company and played them the track and they didn’t like it. After that he had a world hit and people started saying that maybe I did know what I was talking about after all!”

Later this year Ed is playing a number of sold out gigs around the world, including nights at Wembley Stadium where he is playing literally on his own with just a guitar and a loop pedal, and he wants to showcase some of the acts he takes under his Gingerbread label whenever possible.

“I have a tour and Twitter so I can put their music in front of my fans instantly” he said. “I can sit down with radio bosses and ask them if they’re interested in playing their tracks too, so I’m in a really good position to help these acts to break through.”