Rapper Kanye West is to Perform on Saturday night at GlastonburyIt was announced last week that the headline act for the Saturday night at this year’s Glastonbury festival would be controversial rapper Kanye West and that announcement certainly hasn’t gone down well with those who have tickets for the event, or music fans in general.

While the festival is famous for being a bit “out there” and different to your typical music festivals with plenty of new acts and those you certainly might never hear on the likes of Radio One; festival goers are outraged by the organisers’ decision to book Kanye as a headline act rather than a rock act.

The Friday night is being headlined by The Foo Fighters, a move which has been very well received, but an online petition has emerged calling for Kanye’s slot to be cancelled and given to someone else “a rock act” according to the petition. On Friday the number of signatures on the petition had reached 60,000 which shows how clearly disgruntled the public are with the decision to book the controversial rapper who recently performed at the BRIT Awards (with plenty of muting due to the explicit lyrics in the song which went out around 9pm on ITV1).

A lot of the anger towards West stems from his tendency to storm the stage during acceptance speeches and belittling the winner. He famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for a Best Album award to say that Beyonce had produced “one of the best album’s of all time”, a move which left both Beyonce and Taylor stunned.

He repeated his act earlier this year when he interrupted Beck’s acceptance speech just days before appearing at the BRITs, a move which hosts Ant and Dec frequently joked about during the show.

The petition was started by Neil Lonsdale who posted it on, and he told Yahoo! News that he did it because “Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world. We spend hundreds of pounds to attend Glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment. Kanye has been very outspoken on his views on music….he should listen to his own advice and pass his headline slot on to someone deserving.”

He went on to say “Two years ago we had the Rolling Stones playing the Saturday night and this year we get Kanye West? It’s an outrage. Get a rock band!”

Glastonbury organisers are yet to comment on the petition.