If you’re anything like us you’re a massive fan of the Marvel Iron Man and Avengers film franchises due to Robert Downey Jr’s unforgettable portrayal of Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. Downey takes this character to the next level when he presents a young boy with a new Iron Man inspired bionic arm.

Robert Downey JR

Robert Downey Jr is the only one who can pull off the Tony Stark character. Stark is the loveable billionaire industrialist and inventor who becomes the superhero Iron Man after being injured and captured in Afghanistan. Captors Ten Rings demand that he build a Jericho missile for them but instead Stark uses the resources to build the first Iron Man suit with the help of Ho Yinsen.

Due to success of the recent Marvel films, Iron Man has now captured the hearts of the young an old around the world.

Downey has now joined forces with Albert Manero, the founder of the non-profit charity Limbitless, a community of engineers and 3D print enthusiasts who develop bionic arm, to change the life on a young boy called Alex.

Downey went to visit seven-year-old Alex, a child born with a partially developed arm, in character as Tony Stark and presented him with the Iron Man inspired bionic arm constructed by Manero.

Limbitless are on a mission is to manufacture simple an affordable 3D printed limbs that are accessible to people of all background. The 3D printed arm was provided to the family for free. Take a look at the magical moment below

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