St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, occurring on the same day each year – 17th March – and with this year’s event taking place on a Tuesday there are plenty of venues around Ireland, and the United Kingdom, who will be hosting celebrations this weekend. To get you into the spirit of the Irish festival, here are some things you probably need to know:

Paddy's Day celebrationsHaving Fun is Compulsory

Irish celebrations are just that – celebrations. There will be plenty of music, drinking and partying going on all through the day, into the evening and well into the night whether you’re in Dublin or Doncaster; so if you find yourself entering one of the many venues you’d better be ready to join in!

There Will Be Plenty of Guinness

It’s become a bit of a stereotype but Guinness is one of the most popular drinks to come out of Ireland and is something that all visitors to the country look to sample at some stage. As a result the most popular drink sold at this year’s festival is likely to be the famous stout so be sure to taste some if you’ve never done it before. It’s certainly an acquired taste, but you can always sweeten it up a little bit with a dash of blackcurrant cordial if you need to; but you can’t go to an Irish festival without sampling some Guinness!

Green Shows You’re Keen

The national Irish colour is green and you can show you’re in the party spirit by wearing anything…well…green! You don’t need to wear an Irish rugby or football shirt, any old green top, dress, coat, hat – anything from your wardrobe – will help you and those around you to celebrate Paddy’s Day in true Irish style.