I Love Coffee from Golden Tours


When we’re playing online bingo, we’re partial to a cup of tea or a glass of wine (a small one, mind!) at the weekend if we’re letting our hair down.

But we know that many of you will love a cup of the dark stuff…coffee that is! Do you know the current health positives and negatives of drinking that daily cup of joe though?

Caffeine has been blamed for certain health problems but there have been studies that show moderate caffeine intake can be healthy. Here’s the latest science and its effect on the various areas of the body:


This is one we’re sure that many of us will be interested in.

The great thing about coffee is if you like – or can learn to – drink it black then you’ll reap the health benefits. Foregoing milk means that coffee is pretty much zero calorie.

It also works in your favour by suppressing appetite slightly, so it’s worth sticking to your daily cuppa if you’re aiming to lose weight.

Apparently, green coffee is even more healthy but we’re not so sure we like the sound of it!


Though coffee raises your heart rate (you’ll know if you’ve ever had a caffeine rush before!) it doesn’t do so to a level that would be harmful. In fact, this occasional raising of the heart rate can even ward off heart attacks according to some.

Research in South Korea has found that moderate coffee consumption can lead to less calcium being deposited in the arteries, which means less risk of cardiovascular disease.

But those who already have some form of heart disease should avoid coffee because it can put the heart under too much strain!


We’ve almost all experienced the dreaded coffee breath!

That’s because coffee dries your mouth out, which means your mucosal cells are washed away. Apparently these begin to decay and release ‘smelly’ gasses!

This is why you might have seen upmarket coffee shops serving water with coffee to keep your mouth hydrated and prevent the bad breath episodes!


You’ll be glad to know that coffee’s reputation as a pick-me-up is no myth. This has a lot to do with it raising the heart rate and giving you that boost you might need!

It only takes around 30 minutes for caffeine to have its effects but it actually takes many hours for those effects to wear off. So just don’t go having coffee too soon before bed or you might find yourself having trouble dropping off. Coffee also suppresses melatonin which can help us relax and fall asleep more easily.

The upshot of all this? You can probably drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day without ill effects but if you have an existing heart condition – or anything that coffee might negatively affect – you might want to avoid it!