Dennis the dachshund when he weighed 56 pounds

If a human ate nothing but White Castle burgers and pizza then their weight would almost certainly balloon. So imagine if a dog ate that diet!

And that’s what happened to a dachshund called Dennis. In 2013 he weighed an incredible 56 pounds or 25kg. That’s about half of a small adult!

Diet Change

But a change in diet led to him losing a massive 44 pounds and returning to a healthy size of 12 pounds. Brooke Burton, the dog’s current owner, adopted Dennis from her uncle who had allowed the dog to gain so much by feeding it mostly fast food.

All Brooke did was start giving the dog dry food and taking it for regular walks. It wasn’t without its issues: Dennis was depressed at first (probably because he couldn’t have burgers!) and he kept tripping over his excess skin, which would get infected.



He has had three operations to deal with this problem and is now doing very well, chasing squirrels and all sorts of doggy things. This weight loss saved the dog’s life: vets said Dennis wouldn’t have survived very long at his previous weight.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Burton paid for the operations using donations from her GoFundMe site and the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.