We’re not trying to be mean by the way, it’s just probably true. Charles Eugster, a nonagenarian dentist from London, has broken a 200m world record.

We’ve got to come clean though, this wasn’t any 200m record, it was in the the over-90s category at the British Athletics Masters in London. In the video uploaded by the Silver Grey Sports Club, Charles shaved over 2 seconds off the previous time that was set in 2013. If you can run 200m in less than 55 seconds you’re probably still safe.

According to the official video: “95-year-old Charles Eugster sets a new age-group World Record in the indoor 200m – his age-group is 95 years and over. His new record of 55.48″ knocked a massive 2.4″ off the previous record, set by American Orville Rogers in March 2013. Read more about him at”

Watching this pensioner run around the track is pretty inspirational really! Charles took up exercise over a decade ago because his body was deteriorating and this video is good evidence that exercise has benefits at any age. With so many of us living longer, who knows there might well be loads of 90-year-old athletes knocking around in years to come!